Our Mission Statement:

There are places we carry with us, no matter how far away we get from them. There are people whose faces we see every time we close our eyes. There are ideas so profoundly etched into us that to lose them we would lose a part of ourselves. To some, these could be considered burdens, limitations, even scars, but we know that while these things might haunt us, they provide clarity, focus, and in some ways, identity.

In the forging process, we would consider these things impurities orĀ Slag. But while smithing a piece of metal processes these pieces of slag out, we seek to draw them to the forefront. We seek writing and artwork that homes in on the idiosyncrasies of its creator, that, even if not completely polished, could not have been made by anyone else.

We want your voice, and the little bits of slag within you, to spark and shine.