Welcome to The Slag Review

Summer 2017 – Issue 5

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Why is David Sad? by T.O. Davis


The Bay by Emily Howell


Explanation of the True Trinity Through Vodka Sauce  &

Whitewash by Meghan Barrett

Pedestal by Tanya Singh

In the Dust of This Planet by Howie Good

Livingston’s Yellow Oxheart &

Bold Ruler by Linda Wojtowick

Scalp by Amy Kotthaus

The Fisherman’s Dog by Paul Ilechko

Happy Birthday by Thomas D.J. Maynard

If My Neck Were as Long as a Giraffe by Jack Stallard

Roundhouse the Night by Jim Zola


Aviation Dreams by Carl Scharwath

Untitled (Lighthouse) Woodcut by Erica Hoffmann


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A year ago, three friends had an idea to launch a literary magazine, and over the next few months fumbled around with ideas and website builders and begged people they knew, as well as random people on the internet, to submit art and literature to their new project.

It’s been a crazy year, friends.

Here’s to another, and another, and another, and…(you get the picture).