The Slag Review: Happy Anniversary!

Summer 2017 – Issue 5

cover 5.png

A year ago, three friends had an idea to launch a literary magazine, and over the next few months fumbled around with ideas and website builders and begged people they knew, as well as random people on the internet, to submit art and literature to their new project.

It’s been a crazy year, friends.

Here’s to another, and another, and another, and…(you get the picture)

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Are you new, and want to learn more about us?

Visit the About Us page to learn about us. It’s sort of straightforward. After that, learn about the team (we promise we’re cool) at The Slaggers.

And most importantly, see what we’ve already published on our Issues page. This is the heart and soul of what we are here for: sharing art and literature created by small, individual people with the big world outside of them.

Are you a writer? An artist? A colony of bees gifted with sentience?

We’d love to hear from you, so:


We want everything: your poetry, your prose, your artwork, but we especially want the bits and pieces that went into making them.

We at The Slag Review are here to dispense with the flowery image some have with writers and artists as lone geniuses, hiding away and coming out of their offices with perfectly crafted works after only a single try.

The truth is, this shit is hard. We know. So send us the thing that broke you-that one piece you’ve been slaving over for months on end, and have finally beaten into submission. Send us that, along with pictures of notebook pages, scribbles on napkins, random phone notes on the subway-We want to show the world how this is done.