The Artwork of Dominic Corrigan

“Through Me”

The Artwork of Dominic Corrigan

“Nobody paints as he likes . All a painter can do is to will with all his might the painting his age is capable of.” – Jean René Bazaine, Notes sur la peinture d’aujourd-hui, Paris, 1948.

“Untitled” by Dominic Corrigan

The underlying principle that informed the composition of these paintings, is the cycle of chance and synchronicity.

I explore this principle by applying the paint onto the canvas until, within the random sprawl of sporadic colour, I think I see meaning. From this onwards the journey of painting begins and chance moves into the back seat. That is, chance is still there, but is no longer the driving force behind the painting. The marks have become responsive to the presence of synchronicity.

When painter and canvas collide, painting comes to a stop, a stand-off occurs. But, I continue by allowing the subconscious to step into the driving seat once again, allowing chance to raise its head. This dispels the cloud of inertia hanging over the painting, and it gains the vigour to move on to the next unpredictable crossroads of meaning.

My series, “Through me”, is a journey that begins with blocks of colour, with organic unpredictability, then stops, stalls, then begins again, and again – and ends only when the painting resolves itself.

Dominic Corrigan, artist statement

More from Dominic Corrigan:

My recent work is the product of using engaging shapes juxtaposed over multi-layered painted structures. In the final compositions I am attempting to create something bigger than my experience visual experience by adding what I perceive as my emotional experience. The bright colours, humming as though alive, like a speeding car with the traffic lights bleeding into the background. I have tried to mesh urban shapes, city life, fog, noise, the hustle and bustle with the feeling of the streets, the tensions, the panic, the stress and discordant confusion that comes hand in hand with career-driven ambition.  

Since I was awarded an honours degree from the Sligo Institute of Technology in 2009 I have been living in Sligo, on the West Coast of Ireland. In most aspects my immediate environment could be classified as the polar opposite to that of a major city – the landscape is surrounded by gently rolling hills and the pace of life is slow. But given the media-driven global environment that we all live in I am trying to investigate “the media city” as an idea. It is the city we all now belong to, a media-created metropolis built on the foundations, the networks of world media-fuelled institutions such as Facebook or Twitter. This recent collection is an outburst from my romantic imagination, trying to source the erratic, impulsive structures that jut against the skyline of this media-made imaginary city. 

Dominic Corrigan lives in Sligo, Ireland. He holds an honours degree in Fine Art. His art has been exhibited throughout Ireland and  Europe also in New York at the Lockhart gallery. His next Solo exhibition is in The Hyde Bride gallery, Sligo on the 15 of March . His work has been published in, The Bohemyth , Yemassee Journal and Out of Our Journal. Orio Headless, Bare Hands and Cerise Press.

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