Current Issue: 10

Dear Reader,

We made it. 

And look at that, you made it too. Funny how we seem to end up here in the turnstiles, the lonely motel rooms, the dining room that should be your own. Anyway, it’s good to see you again.

You’ll find these places and more within our newest issue. You might even find that thing (yes, that one) you’ve always been looking for. For us, however, and for our writers, that thing we’ve been looking for is you: someone to read our words, to tie across the shrinking globe one more tight knot.

This might seem sudden, but we like you a lot. We’ve had the pleasure many times now to introduce brand new poets and writers to you, and we’d like to quote one of them from this issue:

“Heaven ain’t got shit on you,” Reader. 


The Slaggers

Cover 10 TSR


Through Me – an artistic series by Dominic Corrigan


Killing the Worm by Ryan Hubble

Room 109 by F.X. James


Languid Erasures and Manuscript in Invisible Ink by Ann Howells

Heaven by Lee Deininger

Dark Furniture by Meredith Hadaway

Practicing by Patricia Meek

In the Bleak Midwinter by Christopher Kuhl

For the Dear One Who Said I Put AIDS in Their Ear and Marisol by Michael Mackin O’Mara