Current Issue:

TSR cover 4


An etching is a story, a story is an etching.

…Ok, we admit that first sentence was a little pretentious, and we could probably have done   better. Let’s try again.

How have you been? Issue 4 is excited to meet you, even though it’s a little self conscious. Don’t worry, it will be okay. There have been setbacks and cutbacks and cutthroats and one-two-steps since the last issue, with all of us figuring out more about ourselves, about the business, literature, art, meaning, but there is only this final product to show for all of that.

Etchings are not that way. If you want to, you can save every part, trace the steps from beginning to end, show your pain and hesitation, that one speck of blood from when you pricked your thumb, reminding you of rust on the metal. And when you finally print, what you create is the reverse of what you made. And that’s that, you suppose. That’s how it always will be.

From now, to then, and again, we’ll try to document the phase shifts. Each issue may be a complete whole, but our artists and their work contained herein are each their own etching. As permanent, as imperfect, and as beautiful as the ink that stains and stays.




Boar by Julie Shavin

Nonfiction/Mixed Genre:

Out of the Cave and Down the Slope by D.M. Kerr


A Difference in Kind by Devon Balwitt

Longanimity by Alex Feldman

Urchins of Deadcast by Richard King Perkins II

Two Poems by Morgan Downie

You Lost the Game by Shannon Hearn


Lost Girl by Michael Mau

Two Photographs by Kyle Hemmings

Dream House by Carl Scharwath

Untitled: Etching by Erica Hoffmann

Past Issues:

Winter 2017 –



Bill Teitelbaum: Busted (fiction)

Joseph Musso: Declassified Documents From the Man…

T.O. Davis: An Army of Dogs (fiction)

Scott Weiss: Watching Superman (fiction)


Marnie Cozzens: rugburn

Isabella Barricklow: Two Poems

Robert Okaji: Scarecrow Pretends (poem)

James Croal Jackson: Southbound in February (poetry)

Nicholas Soluri: Ragabum Blue (poem)

Len Kuntz: Two Poems (issue 3)

Paul Ilechko: The Kingdom of Starlings (poem)

Ken Anderson: Two Poems

Howie Good: Aleppo (poem)

Samantha Bassman: A Theory On Happiness (poem)


Brandon Benevento: Back at the DuPont Plaza Hotel (essay)

R.J. Fox: FBI’s Least Wanted


Hongri Yuan, Translated by Yuanbing Zhang


Olof Aspelin: Three Train Paintings

Fabrice Poussin: Three Photographs

Fall 2016-


T.O. Davis: The Bombdigity


Christine Jackson: Mortal Polish

Len Kuntz: Dementia (3)

Linda Wojtowick: Two Poems

John Stupp: Risen

Dana St. Mary: flyshatter

A.J. Huffman: Two Poems

Benjamin Nardolilli: Clouds Over the Tribes

Meghan Barrett: Two Found Poems


Alexandria Heather: Two Pieces

Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier: Mind Bender

Kyle Hemmings: Houston

Betsy Jenner: Leap and Sparkle

Summer 2016-


Joe Freeman: A Family Trip to the Store

Lillie Gardner: Welcome to ExpirDating™!


Devin Samuels: And the Sleeping Me Aches

Therese Masotta: Spaced Out?

Amanda Buck: paper doll

Nicholas DiBenedetto: R Turning

Pegi Deitz Shea: Two Poems

Nathaniel Herter: Naïve

Kik Williams: Languish For Desire

Zach Bradley: Two Poems

Anna Zeiring: Two Poems

Jameson Croteau: Kintsugi


Lynn Z. Bloom: Quality Time


Steve Pfaffle: Unitled

Harry Elfenbaum: Untitled(orange)

Christy Corey: Three Sketchbook Pieces

Mary Wynn: Berani (charcoal on paper)