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January 13 – March 30

We want everything: your poetry, your prose, your artwork, but we especially want the bits and pieces that went into making them.

We at The Slag Review are here to dispense with the flowery image some have with writers and artists as lone geniuses, hiding away and coming out of their offices with perfectly crafted works after only a single try.

The truth is, this shit is hard. We know. So send us the thing that broke you-that one piece you’ve been slaving over for months on end, and have finally beaten into submission. Send us that, along with pictures of notebook pages, scribbles on napkins, random phone notes on the subway-We want to show the world how this is done.


If you have already submitted, and have not received a rejection notice, then we are still considering your work.


Submission Information, Errata, Preferences, Concerns, and General Guidelines for not pissing off the Editors:

In your cover letter, list the works you are sending to us, the page count, and previous publications, if applicable (but please keep the list short).
We are interested in all voices, but see a particular need to care about publishing works by artists of color, women, LGBTQ, and differently abled people. If this pertains to you, please include this information in your cover letter.

Poetry Guidelines:

  • Maximum of 5 poems per issue
  • You may submit poems either separately or on the same document (whichever is easiest for you!) provided they follow the title guidelines above.

Prose or Fiction Guidelines:

  • Please submit prose pieces separately, including the title of the piece.
  • Word count of around 3,000 per submission is preferred
  • Maximum word count is 5,000 per submission

Flash Prose:

  • We define Flash Fiction or Prose as anything under 1,000 words.
  • Please submit up to five pieces of flash prose per submission.

Art or Photography Guidelines: 

  • Please include title of piece either in file name or submission form.
  • Art or photography is not required to pertain to metallurgy, but it is particularly enjoyed if it does!
  • .JPEG, .PNG, or .TIFF preferred
  • Only a maximum of 5 pieces will be considered per issue. If you have a professional and interesting collection, contact us by email so we can discuss the option of doing an artist spotlight.

Pieces of Slag Guidelines:

  • Pieces of Slag can be any file format.
  • Please include in your email body how the piece directly relates to the work which you have submitted.
    • Some examples:
      • Earlier drafts
      • Inspiration (another piece of art, an amusing anecdote, etc.)
      • The original draft or series of scribbles in a notebook.
  • For an idea of what we’re looking for, view Meghan Barrett’s Pieces of Slag.


IMPORTANT: Please title each document in the format of “Lastname_Firstname_Genre.” If your piece is art, photography, fiction, prose, or a single poem, you may include the title before the genre (thus making the format “Lastname_Firstname_Title_Genre”)

Examples of titles that will frustrate us (as is to say, DON’T NAME YOUR DOCS THIS):

  • SlagSubmission1.doc
  • SlagPoetrySubmission.doc
  • theslagreview.doc
  • poetry.doc