Dream House

by Carl Scharwath




Carl  Scharwath, has appeared globally with 100+ magazines selecting his poetry, short stories, essays or art photography. He won the National Poetry Contest award for Writers One Flight Up. His first  poetry book is Journey To Become Forgotten (Kind of a Hurricane  Press). Carl is a dedicated runner and 2nd degree black- belt

Fabrice Poussin: Three Photographs






Death of the Artist




Home Once




Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Most of the time he feels like a newborn in a strange world moving at the speed of light.  In consequence he is still exploring his surroundings and finding more and more intriguing details about everything he sees. He believes it is good to create a home within one’s own creative mind.  

Betsy Jenner: Leap and Sparkle

Leap and sparkle.png

Betsy is from a small town called Vellore in south India. She is rather tall, lanky and very obsessive. She loves music, art and literature. Her work has been published in Sprout and Quail Bell Magazine, while more of her art and writing have been chosen to appear in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Glass Kite Anthology and After the Pause Magazine, among others.